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SIZEGENETICS REVIEWS – Is it The Best Penis Extender and Best Penis Stretcher for You?

Hi I am Dr. Johns Alfred Kinsey. And Today I am here to discuss with you about the penis related problems about male penis enlargement.

Secondly, How SizeGenetics, the best Penis extender will help you to enlarge your penis and gives you fastest results in one month?

Finally, I also gives you My Patient’s Review about the use of Size-Genetics before and After Results.

Nowadays, the male Penis enlargement problems are really the most common hot topic among many men all over the world.

As a matter of fact, Many men uses different types of penis extenders and penis stretchers to increase their size of the penis But after few weeks they can’t see any positive results.

Also continuous use of these low quality types of penis extenders causes severe side effects  like:

  • Nerve Damage
  • Reduce sensitivity
  • And Erectile Dysfunction

Before Start this topic about best Penis extenders. You must know some common terms related to your penis and its problems.

SIZEGENETICS REVIEWS – Is it The Best Penis Extender and Penis Stretcher for You?

Let’s Talk About your Peniss…

Definitely, With all my studies, personal experiences and all my practices in clinics and hospitals.

Many men talk about their penis related problems but exactly they don’t know about the penis ..

What you know about your Penis?

According to the Wikipedia:

  • The Human Penis is the external male intromittent organ
  • Intromittent organ mean the external male organ specialize to deliver the sperm during the copulation.
  • The main parts of penis are:
    • The Root
    • Body
    • And Epithelium
  • It has long shaft and the enlarged bulbous-shaped tip i.e., glans penis,
  • The foreskin is responsible to support and protect the Glans-Penis.
  • When the human male sexually arouse, it will become to erect and has ready for the sexual activity.
  • This Erection of penis is cause due to the sinuses within erectile tissue of the penis.

Human Penis Size

As a matter of fact, According to many readings and studies, the human size of the penis of an adult depends on several factors like:

  • Arousal level,
  • the time of day,
  • Room temperature,
  • The frequency of sexual activity,
  • And the reliability of measurement.

 Study conducts on 2015..

According this systematic review study on 2015:

  • The total number of human male subjects are around 15521.
  • The health care professionals measured the size of the penis and avoid subjects self measurement for accuracy.
  •  They divide the results on two parts

Average Length of the Human penis

  • On this study The average length of human penis divides into three parts:
    • Flaccid-Penis size
    • Stretched-Penis size
    • Erect-Penis size
  • Flaccid Penis Size
    • According to this study The staff measured the average human flaccid-penis size in length on 15521 subjects is about 3.5 inches (8.9 cm)
  • Stretched Penis Size
    • According to this study The staff measured the average human Stretched-penis size in length on 15521 subjects is about 13.12 cm (5.17 inches)
  • Erect Penis Size
    • According to this study The staff measured the average human Erect-penis size in length on 15521 subjects is about
  • Average circumference of the Human penis

    • And the average circumference of the human erect-penis is about 11.66 cm (4.59 inches)

Now Let’s Discuss about some male penis enlargement techniques…

Best Penis Enlargement Techniques Or Male Enhancement

Generally, Penis enlargement or the male enhancement means:

The Aim to increase the size of the Penis

Types of Best Male Penis-Enlargement Methods

  • Surgical Methods
  • Supplementation
  • Physical Methods
    • Pumping
    • Jelqing
    • Traction

Best Penis Extenders

There are number of penis-extenders are available in the market.

But the question is that

  • Are all penis extenders works with Accuracy?
  • And What are the best Penis-extenders?

What is Penis Extender?

The penis-extender is the technology which is use to extend, increase and enlarge the size of the penis.

Actually Penis-extender is:

It is the device based on the technology that is to wear it on your penis and with the passage of time It increase, extends and enlarge the size of your penis in length


SizeGenitics – The Best Penis-Extender

  • It is the Device that is use to increase the size of the Penis.
  • This device is also use to cure the problem of Peyronie’s disease.
  • However, The SizeGenetics helps to straighten the bent penis cause due to Peyronie’s disease.
  • DanaMedic, the reputable company from Denmark make this extender Size-Genetics.
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